Hello, and welcome to Game  Time  sports drink . Here is a little about who I am and why I started this brand . 

I moved to Texas in 1991 and started my first career working for the Yum corporation that summer. I worked  my way up through  the company. I managed multiple locations for over 15 years , becoming district manager before taking the entrepreneur path with Game Time .   I grew up in a coastal town in gulfport Mississippi. Where I enjoyed playing sports an watching all of the local college teams competitions. I remember as a child I would be the water girl for all the AAU teams during my summer vacations.  During the summer of 2004 I decided I wanted to make a difference after my son  Trey started playing soccer . I then contacted a few chemist I knew to help develop  what is now the healthiest sports drink on the market GAME TIME,  made up of alkaline water , electrolytes , vitamins and only 5grams of sugar per serving. In today's health conscious society we have dedicated our science to developing a product that gives our children and student athletes the ultimate hydration with out artificial flavors and excess sugar  . Help us make America .... GAME TIME APPROVED ✔️